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We just love the planet!

The protection of coastal tourism, food safety and quality, human health, climate change, and of course, sustainability are what Plastus strives to achieve in our products.
There are massive efforts around the globe to solve these problems and Plastus intends on leading the way to a cleaner and more responsible way of life, starting with the everyday products most of us take for granted. Our local efforts in Saudi Arabia will lead the way for global sustainability.

Environment enthusiasts such as Plastus, are fighting single-use plastics by adopting PHA bioplastic, which is made through the fermentation process of bacteria, and can be manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Unfortunately, most of the biodegradable bioplastics in the market today are made of organic materials that come from plants, so it's costly and challenging in an environment such as Saudi Arabia.

At Plastus, we create value to waste generated from other industries without competing with food security to introduce environmentally friendly biomaterials.


Our solution doesn't compete with food security. It's the world's only real solution moving forward..



It's the impact that counts

Starting at Plastus lab, we try to scale and produce the new generation of green plastics, we test the biodegradation ability of bacteria that normally exist in the soil to ensure that our plastics don't harm the environment.

We understand the obstacles in creating the right additives to bioplastics. At Plastus we are continually developing our products for the best of our planet.  

Our research and patents for bioplastic formulation using organic industrial waste still work progress, but soon with your support, we will be able to help protect the environment. Bioplastics can completely biodegrade in soil, and won't harm marine life if it ends up in the ocean. Our solution offers a single-use bioplastic at a competitive price using renewable resources to set an example and become the leader in the region.

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