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Building a circular system


Our Story

Humanity produces nearly the weight of our entire population in plastic annually. 

PHA-Bioplastic Is Better

Our products are created using the fermentation process of bacteria with environmentally friendly carbon source. Our PHA bioplastics fully break down in the environment in two months but has a shelf life of two years.

Petroleum (aka traditional) plastic never disappears and can pollute not only our bodies
but also our delicate planet with microplastics.


Our products are 100% biodegradable bioplastics.


Bio- plastic

Our products are made naturally through the fermentation process of bacteria.

PHA-Bioplastic Is Better

Plastus is committed to using the newest green technology to create the very best products possible. We believe that sustainable choices can be available to everyone when businesses are dedicated to serving not only today’s consumers but also our long-term global community.

We innovate everyday so that we can provide the best options at affordable prices. Our sustainable products will only improve as we explore new manufacturing processes.

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Meet The founder

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